We are increasingly seeing fraudsters sending out e-mails to clients trying to trick them into disclosing personal information, or telling them there is a refund or liability due. When in actual fact this is all bogus!

HM Revenue & Customs only send out e-mails if you have given them your e-mail address. It is important to remember that HM Revenue & Customs will never contact you asking for personal information, and neither will they contact you about an outstanding liability or refund.

These fraudsters are becoming ever more clever and sneaky in order to try and make you believe that they are the real deal. They will use e-mail addresses which look just like the real ones i.e refunds@hmrc.org.uk.

Some e-mails may even ask you to open a document which is actually a virus and will infect your computer or device.

Our advice, is you have any queries or receive any of these e-mails either delete them, or forward them on to us.

Our e-mail addresses can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website.