Why waste your time messing around with complicated payroll schemes, which require regular submissions to HMRC and now the added complication of auto-enrolment pensions schemes. Your time is best spent doing what you know best, getting on with your business.

Leave your payroll scheme to us, just simply send us your information weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and we will process your payroll scheme and auto-enrolment scheme alongside each other. We will send you your employees payslips, as well as reports. We will let you know the amounts payable to HMRC at the end of each tax month.

We have been at the forefront of Auto-Enrolment pension schemes, and have now helped numerous clients in the set-up and processing of their pension schemes over the last 2 years. We 3 trained staff who provide payroll services to all of our clients, we aim to send out the payslips and reports the same day we receive the information from you.

We can calculate all statutory payments due to employees, calculate attachment of earnings orders, deduct payments, process your year-end and provide P60’s and P11D’s where required!Calculate Statutory Payments Such as SSP, SMP, SPP

Submissions Under RTI and to Pension Providers!

E-Mail Payslips to Employees, or Post!